Posing Coaches


Coaching For All NPC/IFBB Divisions – Women’s & Men’s

Angeles Burke

Posing Coach Since 2014
Started Competing: 2011
Earned Pro Status: 2013
Competitive Highlights:

  • Bikini Olympia 2015
  • Miami Muscle Beach Pro 2nd Place
  • New York Pro 5th Place
  • Earned Pro Status at Universe 2013

Posing Philosophy: “It’s not always about the best body on stage, it is about having the “wow” factor and confidence that draws all eyes to you. Leave no stone unturned on show day and be able to do your routine flawlessly with your eyes closed. Its all about mindset, confidence and SWAGGER!”

Jennifer Andrews

Posing Coach Since 2011
Started Competing: 2009
Earned Pro Status: 2011
Competitive Highlights:

  • 4 x IFBB Bikini Pro Champion
  • 4 x Bikini Olympia Athlete
  • 4 x Arnold Classic Bikini International Athlete
  • 2010 NPC Nationals – Bikini Overall – Earned Pro Status

Jennifer’s Speciality: “Teaching posing is my passion! I am here to help you feel confident and show you what the judges want to see from head to toe. I have helped numerous competitors achieve their PRO status, win PRO shows, capture their national qualification and place high at the Olympia and Arnold international level. So if this is your first show, you’re a veteran wanting to take your posing to the next level or just want to learn how to move, I am the coach for you!”

Asia Mendoza

Posing Coach Since 2013
Started Competing: 2011
Earned Pro Status: 2013
Competitive Highlights:

  • 2013 NPC Universe – Bikini Class Winner – Earned Pro Status
  • 2016 IFBB Hurricane Pro Bikini Champion

Current & Past Posing Clients: IFBB Bikini Pro Shandy Ortiz, IFBB Bikini Pro Paulina Tran, IFBB Bikini Pro Coeurlida Ashby, IFBB Bikini Pro Joni Ortiz, IFBB Bikini Pro Joana Teskareski, IFBB Bikini Pro Mariana Santos and many more!

Posing Philosophy: “Great posing comes from being confident. You have to learn it the right way and then practice it until you can’t get it wrong. It should just flow.

Tatum Bounds
IFBB Figure & Bikini PRO

Posing Coach Since 2016
Started Competing: 2010
Earned Pro Status: 2014
Competitive Highlights:

  • 2012 Heart of Dixie Figure Overall – Open & Masters
  • 2014 NPC Pittsburgh Masters Figure Overall
  • 2014 NPC Team Universe Figure Class C Winner – Earned Pro Status

Posing Philosophy: “Posing is KEY to having the judges notice you. They do not know how long or hard you work in the gym. YOUR posing is what they see, and it is imperative to make a great impression! Posing should be natural and fluid—sexy, yet classy!”
Tatum’s Speciality: “I love helping women find the poses that help them to feel most comfortable and confident. The body is a beautiful piece of art and showcasing your best angles is crucial. I take my time and really focus on YOU!  I competed in Figure for seven years, and I am now trying out Bikini, so I have lots of moves to share!”

Lexus Redmond

Started Competing: 2016
Earned Pro Status: 2019
Competitive Highlights:

  • 2016 Best of the West – 2nd Place in Novice and Open
  • 2016 Las Vegas Classic. – 2nd Place Novice & 4th place Open
  • 2017 USA Championship. – 9th Place
  • 2017 Steve Karr Las Vegas Classic – 2nd Place
  • 2018 Nevada State Championships. – 1st Place & Overall Champion
  • 2018 USA Championship. – 8th Place
  • 2018 Steve Karr Las Vegas Classic – 1st Place & Overall Champion
  • 2019 USA Championships. – 4th Place
  • 2019 Amateur Olympia. — 1st place and Runner up Amateur Olympia Bikini Champion -Pro card earned
  • 2020 IFBB Legends Classic (Pro debut). — 3rd place
  • 2020 IFBB Wasatch Warrior. — 1st place, Pro Bikini Champion, and Olympia qualification
  • 2020 IFBB Tahoe Show — 7th Place
  • 2020 Olympia — 16th place
  • 2021 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Show. — 12th place
  • 2021 IFBB Milwaukee Pro Show — 7th place
  • 2021 IFBB Patriots Challenge — 4th Place
  • 2021 IFBB Republic of Texas Pro Show.

Posing Philosophy: Coming Soon

Jessica Dolias

Posing Coach Since 2016
Started Competing: 2015
Earned Pro Status: 2017
Competitive Highlights:

  • 2020 IFBB PACIFIC USA – 5th Place
  • 2017 IFBB Titan Medical Tampa Pro – Pro Debut – First Call Out
  • 2017 NPC Universe Overall Bikini Champion – Earned Pro Status
  • 2017 NPC Pittsburgh Championships Overall Bikini Champion
  • 2017 NPC Steve Stone Metropolitan Championships Overall Bikini Champion
  • 2016 NPC Xcalibur Cup Overall Bikini Champion
  • 2015 NPC Eastern USA Championships Novice Overall Bikini Champion
  • 2015 NPC East Coast Championships Overall Bikini Champion

Posing Philosophy: “It is crucial to put just as much time and effort in to your posing as you do your training! Practice truly makes perfect, and when you feel you’ve mastered your posing, that’s when you find that “spark” and that confidence to set you apart. This is your time to command attention and show what you’ve been working for, and if you walk out on stage with the confidence of a star, you will get that attention you deserve!”
Jessica’s Speciality:  “To me, the stage feels like home, and I love being able to help girls feel that same way. With a background in dance, choreography, and pageant choreography, I’ve found ways to help girls master that feeling and bring their stage presence to the next level. So from the moment they walk out on that stage, they can walk out there like the stage is theirs alone.”

Jennifer Capozzi
NPC Bikini Athlete

Posing Coach Since 2022
Started Competing: 2013

Competitive Highlights:

  • 2019 Mets – Bikini 2nd Place
  • 2019 Universe – Bikini 2nd place
  • 2020 Pittsburgh Nationals – Bikini 5th Place
  • 2021 Atlantic States – Bikini 1st Place
  • 2022 Pittsburgh Championships – Bikini Overall & Bikini A 1st place & Bikini C 4th place
  • 2022 North American Championships – Bikini C 2nd Place

Posing Philosophy: “We put so much hard work, energy and effort into building our bodies in the gym and with our diets. Posing is the key to pulling it all together. We must practice posing until our body and mind make a connection, until you remember how every move feels. Making that connection gives you the confidence and swagger you need to get out there and OWN the stage!”
Jennifer’s Speciality:  “TOur bodies are all so different. I love being able to help you find the poses that will highlight your physique in the best way possible. Being a competitor for over 10 years, I understand the dedication, commitment and time that goes into competing. It is all in the details. Let me help you put it all together so you can shine on the stage. ”