Posing separates the GOOD from GREAT. Perfect YOURS with the experts who’ve built more IFBB Pros than any other Team in history.


These online video sessions are designed to give you individual, personalized posing guidance. During your call with the coach you selected, you will be instructed...

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One-on-one in-house posing includes the same services as the online posing sessions. However, being in person allows for a more “hands-on” approach...
Orlando, FL • Slidell, LA • Lexington, KY

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Finishing Touches

The night before your competition can be full of many stresses. Having a final look from a posing coach can help to ease your mind and ensure that are perfecting...

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Posing separates the GOOD from GREAT…COMPETITORS from CHAMPIONS. SWAGGER POSING SERVICES will help your master the art of putting your hard work on display. From walking and transitions to mandatory poses and individual routines, you’ll learn how to accentuate assets, hide weaknesses and, most importantly, find your STAGE CONFIDENCE. Don’t just Take The Stage, Rock The Stage With SWAGGER.

“I found Skype posing to be super helpful in developing the posing routine that I used when I won my pro card, and then again for a whole new routine for my pro debut. After the routine was developed, the little critiques I received in follow-ups were incredibly valuable. Screenshots of a pose in the video I sent in with notes to slightly change my hand position, etc. That attention to detail has made a huge impact on my presentation. I used to struggle so much with posing, but with the Bombshell coaches’ help, it is finally becoming a strength for me.”
― Liz Yisreal, IFBB Bikini Champion & Bikini Olympia Athlete
“The quality of your physique won’t matter unless you can present it in the best manner with correct posing—highlighting your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. You must also project your confidence and attitude with your stage swagger. How you walk and smile, showing you own the stage. The overwhelming experience of the coaches at Bombshell Fitness is unparalleled and second to none.”
― Josh Hickman, NPC Men’s Physique
“Your posing can really make or break you on stage, which is something the Bombshell coaches can’t reinforce enough. Their years of expertise is so invaluable when it comes to creating the perfect posing routine for every competitor. They know what the judges are looking for and have helped me tweak my routine down to the most minuscule details, which can make such a difference in how my physique will look on stage. It’s not the competitor with the most muscle development or the lowest body fat or the biggest glutes that wins the show – it’s the one who knows how to pose to show off her personal physique and all it’s best attributes to get that perfectly balanced look. From online skype sessions to in-person sessions, I’ve been lucky enough to work with each of the posing coaches and learn how to pose to show the best angles of my body and make adjustments as my body changes. I put in the hard work to build my body, and the Bombshell coaches have taught me how to truly show that off.”
― Jessica Dolias, 4x NPC Bikini Overall Winner
Online & In Person Posing Coaching NOW available to ALL.